Posture of Restoration

As I move through my divorce I'm having to separate and switch accounts to my name. Although it's a relatively easy task some accounts look at your credit. My credit has taken a beating during my marriage. So quite naturally, when it came time to get my own car insurance my first reaction was to go with one of those low budget obscure companies. Well of course they want an astronomical amount of money down and a ridiculous amount for the monthly premium. Then the Ruach said try Progressive and wouldn't you know it. Not only was my down payment unbelievably low but my monthly premium is well within my budget!! Yahuah reminded me that I am to walk and maneuver as if my life has already been restored. Why? Because it already is. Your storm does not dictate your reality. In everything give thanks! Your posture is victory.

Scripture and Soup this week: Psalms 27 and Roasted Vegetable Soup

Genesis 1:29 focus: Tumeric

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